Artist Bio

Artist Danny Aleksic was born in Belgrade Serbia in 1968. Over the years the artist has traveled extensively throughout Europe visiting many art museums to get first hand exposure to the paintings and techniques used by late 19th and early 20th century European modern masters. Greatly inspired by the impressionist and fauvist styles of artists such as Matisse and Bonnard, Aleksic combines these two techniques in order to create highly vibrant and stylistilzed works of art.

To understand Aleksic's style is to understand Fauvism - a movement originated by Henri Matisse through his use of "symbolic color". The Fauvists believed absolutely in color as an emotional force. Van Gogh said of his own work: ``Instead of trying to render what I see before me, I use color in a completely arbitrary way to express myself powerfully''.

Similarly, Aleksic's use of extremely vivid Primarily Colors in conjunction with his deliberate use of unnatural colors in jarring combinations achieves the same objective as did the original Fauvist's paintings. His works portray a warm and romantic perspective that allows the viewer to get lost in the artist's exciting and vivid dream world. When meeting the artist and having a chance to hear his views on life and art, it is clear that there is an air of innocence and joy for life that is evident in his bold creations.

Aleksic's works can be found in galleries in Scottsdale, Carmel, La Jolla, and New Jersey as well as many private and corporate collections.