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Artist Bio


In studying the work and life of Salvador Caballero, only one influential predecessor in his history can be cited. This is his uncle, Vincent del Olmo, a serious painter with much nostalgia and curriculum in his vitae. In reality, Caballero is one of many self-taught painters who have written numerous brilliant pages in the history of painting. Especially on the Mediterranean shores in which the imagination, and personal genius has always reigned over the typical rationalism of other Central European cultures.

Many of the modern day painters that are admired were poor students in schools; some did not even set foot in a class in which pictorial disciplines were taught. Therefore, we could easily deduce that some artists have painting in their blood, like many other things.

For Caballero, born in 1944 in Barcelona, Spain, one must look for the pictorial precedents of his artistic career, illusion, and affection to somehow reproduce that which is close to him. He spent some time in Dan Feliu de Guizols, and here was place in contact with the unique scenery of this beautiful coastal area. v Caballero became drawn into this beauty, continually renewed as he placed his easels before these landscapes so as to transmit to the canvas the constant emotion that this scenery provokes. Caballero began his professional career as an illustrator and designer of book and magazine covers. Without a doubt, this activity helped him acquire the agility and precise aptitude for drawing. Learning to draw was a vital aspect to the future development of his dedication as a painter.

With his knowledge of design and drawing, Caballero did not delay submerging himself in the complicated world of painting. In May of 1983, he held his first professional showing. Through the years, although his showings have been selective, his work has entered into the professional circuit by way of merchants and gallery owners who organize their own showings of his paintings, throughout the Iberian Peninsula. For this reason, even though this artist had been the centerpiece of a few shows, his work is well known.

His work is based within the theoretical framework that is called landscape art. Although, in reality his great ability for drawing enables him to work in a wide gamut of themes, such as portrait and still life. In reference to the landscape, he feels great attraction to the countryside, which is greatly represented in his work. This includes Garrotxa, Ropolles, and Osona, in Northern Spain, as well as the brave and valiant shoreline that symbolizes the coastal lands of the Upper and Lower Ampurdan or Maresme.

His ability to reflect the reality of each ambiance contributes to the making of a work filled with interest, completed with detailed impressionism. The professional career of Caballero coincides with his marriage of twenty-seven years to his wife, Trini Martin, who has accompanied him in the good and bad moments with great comprehension and a constant presence at his side. Trini's companionship is one of the positive pages in the life of this painter, who today is on his way to establishing himself, within the panorama of Catalonian painting, as one of the classic landscape artist of our time.

In addition to the galleries in his native Spain that have featured his paintings, Caballero's work is enjoying exceptional appreciation among American art collectors. The noted Spanish art critic, Jesus Mira, says of Caballero "His paintings breathe with the breath that only nature can bring to the eye; seeing him bring nature and atmosphere to life on his canvas qualifies him for comparison with Spanish master landscape painters of days long gone by."

Salvador Caballero died the morning of May 22, 2006, apparently of heart failure, while painting in his studio.

Exhibitions and Shows:

• 1980 Galeria D'art Espuna Sagaro

• 1981 Sala de Arte Escorial Madrid

• 1982 Forum Gerona

• 1983 Sala Moblesa Barcelona

• 1984 Galeria D'art Espuna Sagaro

• 1986 Galeria de Arte Corte Ingles Madrid

• 1986 Galeria de Arte Corte Ingles Sevilla

• 1986 Galeria de Arte Corte Ingles Zaragoza

• 1986 Galeria de Arte Corte Ingles La Coruna

• 1986 Galeria de Arte Corte Ingles Barcelona

• 1986 Forum Gerona

• 1987 Sala Rovina Sabadell

• 1987 Galeria D'art Chelsea Manresa

• 1987 Galeria D'art Chelsea Palamos

• 1988 Galeria de Arte Ingles Zaragoza

• 1988 Galeria de Arte Ingles Sevilla

• 1988 Galeria D'art Ingles Madrid

• 1989 Galeria de Arte Ingles Barcelona

• 1989 Galeria de Arte Ingles La Coruna

• 1991 Sala Veyreda Olot

• 1991 Rincon del Arte Segovia

• 1991 Sala Xipell Manresa

• 1992 Sala Rovira Sabadell

• 1992 Sala Blay Olot

• 1992 Forum Gerona

• 1993 Sala Faljol Gerona

• 1993 Ar XIV Tobella Tarrasa

• 1993 Sala Feliu D'en Conte Barcelona

• 1993 Sala Xipell Manresa

• 1993 Sala Cuatro Cantons Olot

• 1993 Sala Llahi Andorra

• 1994 Sala de Arte Corte Ingles Barcelona

In addition to these international exhibits, the paintings of Caballero have been featured in several prestigious American Galleries.