D' Guida


Artist Bio

D' Guida was born in Naples, Italy in 1965. He attended the Torrent Institute d’Carte where he perfected his painting techniques. He continues to learn today, only he is taught by nature, rather than an instructor.

D' Guida is influenced by artists of the “True School”, and by the world around him. His mentor is Vicenzo Laricchia. He feels “painting is a clear message coming out from the soul, which highlights the artist’s talent. The warm colors of the sea combined on a canvas with the colors of the sky and nature, creates a rare emotion in both the painter and the viewer.” It is evident in D' Guida’s work that he loves the country that he often paints.

D' Guida's paintings take the viewer back to a distant time circa late 19th / early 20th century. In doing so he paints the scenes as they would have been a century ago. Hence the timelessness of his painting that are void of modern elements. There is a distinct old world feel that DiGuida conveys through his works. Many of the scenes that he paints can be only found as vintage black and white photographs of the turn of the century era. DiGuida paints those locales but adds a soft and grayish palette of colors with occasional accents of primary colors such as red of yellow.

D' Guida has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Naples and Sorrento.. His works can be found in many private and corporate collections both in Italy and the United States. He has exhibited in Naples Italy, New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina.