pierre latour



Artist Bio


C. Pierre Latour is the num the plume of the artist Luiz Carlos Coelho who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 16th, 1935.  Latour received early training in his art from his father who was also a painter.  Later he took formal instruction at the Escola Nacional de Belas Artes of the University of Brazil. Two of his teachers, themselves well-known artists, were Zaluar and Goeldi.  For a time he was a teacher of art at the Sousa Leao Institute in Rio de Janeiro.  In 1954, he had his first show at the Municipal Library of Campinas.  In 1957 – 1958 he participated in the annual exhibition at the Salon Nacional in Rio de Janeiro.   His next exhibition was in Guayaquil in Ecuador.  At this time his painting, Carro de Bois (Cart of Bulls), was acquired by the Colonial Museum. 

Impressed by his work, the French Ambassador to Ecuador enthusiastically recommended Latour for a fellowship to study fine arts in Paris, France. Following his studies is Paris, the artist came to the USA in 1964 and in 1971 he had his first exhibition in New York.  In the ensuing years he had several one man shows, among them one at the Heller Gallery in Rio de Janeiro, and another at the Andrea Gallery in Sao Paulo.  He had two shows held simultaneously at the Brazilian Studies Center and the Colonial Museum in Quito, Ecuador.  Although coming from a country of light, he freely uses the more muted colors of his palette. He paints strongly, using his vast travels to cultivate his subjects, and does not hesitate to merely suggest on some occasions and to underscore the others. There is rhythm and life and a bitter irony in what he painted.

Latour's paintings have been displayed by major art galleries in the United States, South America, and Europe, and are in many private and corporate collections.

Latour died on February 2nd, 2006 from complications resulting from hip replacement surgery.