Artist Bio

Jenny Simon is dedicated to a pure approach to abstract painting.  Her works are radiant colorful compositions; collaborations of feelings and visual thoughts expressed with vibrant colors in a refreshing contemporary style.  The viewer bathes in the deepness of warm colors and is surrounded by the dreams and emotions the artist created.  Her confident strokes and abundant vivid colors provide the artworks with an  energy that imbue her creations with movement.  In a world of imaginations her paintings are silently speaking the language of spirituality and change.
Jenny Simon has lived and worked as a painter in Germany where she was born.  As a child she worked on wooden sculptures with her father in his basement workshop.  She started taking piano lessons at the age of six, and she was composing music by 9.  The artist was exposed to the visual arts, theater and dance from an early age on.  She traveled extensively with her family throughout Europe exploring different cultures and their arts.  At the age of ten the artist started drawing with charcoal to study and imitate the German painters Karl Spitzweg and Albrecht Duerer.  As an adolescent she expressed herself with mediums such as acrylics and water colors. 
Influenced by painters like Gerhard Richter and Jackson Pollock she started painting oils in abstractions in 1995 using primarily large canvases.  Since 1999 she has also specialized in creating custom-designed paintings.  In 2002 the artist established her new studio in Southern California where she currently resides.  Her works are sought after worldwide by both galleries and collectors.

Jenny Simon is a member of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) and past president of the Pasadena Society of Artists. Additionally, every year she supports charitable organizations with contributions of her paintings.