sun joo kim

Artist Bio

Sun Joo Kim was born in 1954 in South Korea. At the age of 26 Kim Participated in his first national art exhibition sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture. It was held at the National Hyundai Art Gallery in Seoul, Korea. the years following brought numerous other exhibitions. In 1983 Kim was involved with the Central Art Caravan sponsored by the Joong Ang Daily Newspaper which then led to the Associates Painting Exhibition ni Seoul.

The artist experimented with his painting style throughout his career. Early in his career in Korea, he focused on hyper-realism, but was not satisfied with his work. Something was not complete. Searching for new inspiration, in 1991 the artist moved to Spain and attended the Art University of Madrid. He enrolled at Facultad De Bellas Artes De Madrid in Madrid to further his creative process and graduated in 1996 with majors in oil painting and intaglio printing.

In Madrid, Kim changed his focus towards expressionism. Still after several years of experimentation, he had not perfected his painting style. His continued search for his style brought him full circle back to hyper-realism with invaluable experimentation.

Sun Joo Kim currently lives in Madrid, Spain with his wife and daughter. His works can be found in many prestigious galleries & corporate art collections throughout the world.