jc cao

Artist Bio

J. C. Cao was born in the HeNan province of China in 1976. Cao spent most of his early years studying with his older brother who was a prominent artist in China and had been commissioned to paint many portraits of Chinese government officials. Being very impressed by his brother’s paintings, Cao followed his footsteps by taking drawing, painting, and color theory lessons from him.

J.C. Cao completed his art training in Kai Feng and moved to Beijing, China in 1994 to continue his painting studies. He attended the middle school of Beijing Arts & Crafts Institute as well as studying at the Beijing Center Art Institute. Coa also exhibited at the Beijing Art Musuem.

Most of Cao’s paintings are landscape oriented. He has developed a very colorful palette and most of his subjects are based on places in Europe that he has visited. Cao has developed a very unique style, blending impressionism and photo-realism. His paintings exhibit a strong mastery of drawing skills while employing impressionistic colors and brush strokes.

Today, J.C. Cao is represented by many prominent galleries throughout the world, and his works can be found in many private and corporate collections.